Bella Luci Candles, LLC Make a Memory with Bella Luci Soy Candles

Welcome to Bella Luci Candles, LLC (formally know as Tierra Verde Soy Candles, LLC

   Our Mission is to create the highest quality products for our customers and clients. Tierra Verde Soy Candles was born in 2009, the vision of Bill Maurer. After two years of research and extensive testing we were ready to start our company.

   Bill set the bar high. He used only the finest USA grown Soy, California beeswax, American made phthalate free fragrances and essential oils, lead free cotton wicks, beautiful handmade Alabaster glass containers and eco friendly packaging made in America.

   My husband Bill and myself, Donna are always striving to make our company and products the best they can be.  We take part in every aspect of our business from hand pouring the candles in Cressey, CA. to formulating the fragrances to packing and shipping the orders. We love developing new products and packaging. I am an artist and incorporate my art into the labels and packaging design. Bills engineering background has helped from developing the molds for our drop-ins to building the room we pour our candles in. We love a challenge.

   Bill and I want Tierra Verde Soy Candles to inspire others to bring small business back to America. We are so impressed with the many creative hardworking, handmade business owners we meet who still believe in the American Dream.

   Keeping a low carbon footprint is high on our list so we use recycled products whenever possible. All our food safe glass is re useable or can be easily reused  as a candle with our drop-in refills.

   Our Motto is: Dream Big, Work Hard, Be Honest and Love What You Do.

   Thank-you for visiting Tierra Verde soy Candles. We have changed our name to Bella Luci Candles, LLC. as of March 10 2015.  Bella Luci means "Beautiful Light". All our candles are still hand poured in Cressey CA.  We will always be moving forward and keeping our high standards for our customers. We would Love to be your Candle Company.

                                                   Bill and Donna Maurer