Bella Luci Candles, LLC Make a Memory with Bella Luci Soy Candles

Bella Luci  Candles uses the finest high quality products to make our candles.

  • USA grown all natural Soy
  • California Bees Wax
  • American made cotton lead free wicks.
  • Custom formulated phthalate free fragrances from top American fragrance companies. We have 32 Fabulous scents.
  • Beautiful handmade Virgin Alabaster glass in 3 sizes and 8 scrumptious colors.
  • American made packaging. Made from recycled material  when possible.

Our candles are hand poured in Cressey, California. You can order any fragrance in any size candle and in any color.  We have a fragrance and color to fit every d├ęcor and mood. The Soy and Beeswax burn very clean. No black smoke or carcinogens and soy burns longer then ordinary paraffin candles. All our food safe glass is re useable as a glass, bowl etc. or re use as a candle with our drop-in refills. ( refills available for 3oz and 10oz glass only.)

      3oz virgin votive: burns approximately 26 hours- 10oz virgin candle: burns approximately 60 hours - PS I Love You Candle: burns approximately 40 hours and has a special gift pendant at bottom of candle and comes in a box. Ready to gift wrap.

Did you know fragrances can transport us back to powerful and emotional memories more effectively than sight or sound? So "MAKE A MEMORY" with Bella Luci Soy Candles.

Thank-you for visiting us.

Bill and Donna Maurer