Exotic Fragrances in Beautiful Glasses



Did you know  fragrances can transport us back to powerful and emotional memories  faster than sight or sound? So “Make a Memory with Bella Luci Soy  Candles.”

We use the highest-quality American made products for our hand poured candles.


Choose From 30 Fragrances

Choose  from 30 fragrances. Bella Luci Candles offer 3 sizes and 10 colors of  beautiful re-usable alabaster glasses. You can customize  your candle to fit any mood or décor.

Choose any of our 30 fragrances and put it in your favorite color glass. We pour for you!


Candles That Burn Longer

Our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint. We pack candles in recycled material. There will be no black smoke or carcinogens when the candle burns.

Did you know, soy-based candles burn longer than the ordinary paraffin candles?

Bella Luci Candles drop-in refills are available for 3oz and 10oz glass only. A 3oz virgin burns approximately 26 hours, while a 10oz virgin candle burns approximately 60 hours. PS I Love You candle burns approximately 40 hours and has a special gift pendant at the bottom of the candle and comes in a box.

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