Fragrance Descriptions

A Dozen Roses: The romantic fragrance of gorgeous roses will fill the air. The fragrance of a rose conveys deep emotions of love, longing or desire. Light this candle and fill the room with love.

Angels Wings: Imagine an Angel coming into the room, This would be what she would smell like. Elegant Lily blossoms and crisp spruce needles with a hint of lemon drop, vanilla and beautiful musky undertones. This fragrance just makes you feel good.

Arabian Nights: A Jasmine and fig blend that will take you away to a romantic place under the stars.

Bamboo Ginger: find your inner self while relaxing with the soothing scent of fresh cut bamboo laced with fresh ginger. Illuminate and meditate.

Cleansing sage: This spiritual scent will take you to the high desert where the air is clean and fresh.


Cranberry Fig: Tart and sweet all at the same time. Fill the air with a fragrant scent of mouthwatering cranberries and the subtle layering of fresh sweet figs.

Cucumber Crisp: The perfect blending of cucumber and melon. This scent is so crisp and delicious it will make you want to eat a salad.

Cypress Rain: Sit on the cliff, breathe in the ocean air and fragrant cypress trees and dream. This custom blended fragrance combines gentle layers of cypress, pine and lily of the valley.

Enchanted: A bewitching, provocative and seductive scent. The smell of Lavender and vanilla like you have never experienced before.

Eucalyptus Rosemary: The perfect harmony of refreshing eucalyptus and earthy rosemary. Invigorating.

Forest Floor: This blend of Cypress and Juniper takes you on a trip to the deep forest, luch and green. Light it up and let it take you away. 

French Lavender: The fresh scent of herbal lavender will quite your mind and surround you in peace, calmness and relaxation. 

Havana Nights: Rich mysterious and smooth. Our special blend of Ylang ylang, Cuban cigar and Bergamont make for an intoxicating fragrance.

Holiday Memories: Bring back the memories of Christmas as a child in Grandma's kitchen with the smell of sweet apples and spices.

Honey Lime Blossom: A powerful and bold floral with a sweet touch of honey to it on a musky powdery dry down. 

Lemongrass: Invigorating and up-lifting. The scent of fresh lemongrass sets the mood for lively energy.

LOL ( Luscious Orange Lilac): The perfect blend of orange and lilac to bring out a burst of Lilac fragrance. This fragrance will fill the room with the smell of fresh cut lilacs on a spring day.

Meditation in Blue: Get lost in this calm, soothing, meditating fragrance. It will clear your head.

Pears and Pomegranates: The scent of lush and fragrant fresh pears just picked from the orchard with tangy undertones of juice pomegranates.

Pretty in Pink: A mysterious powdery floral scent. Like being in a flower garden overlooking the ocean.

Pumpkin Spice: This fragrance is like the smell of Grandma's pumpkin Pie coming out of the oven.

Romanza: Warm and sensual layers of cashmere and sage.

Shangri-La: A blend of incense and spices with an underlining of precious woods on a flowery base of Jasmin and Lotus. 

Simply Vanilla: Wrap yourself in a blanket of Cashmere, which is the feeling this fragrance will bring you. It is warm, sensual and purely soothing.

Southern Comfort: A blend of Honeysuckle and Orange. this scent will just make you feel good. You will find yourself smiling. So bring some joy into your home or office with this intoxicating scent.

Sweet Tropics: A blend of citrus and Plumeria flower. This scent will fill the room with the warmth of the tropics.

Walk in the Woods: Pine, fir and cedar will fill the air with the scents of a mountain forest. Close your eyes and you will swear you are on a mountain trail high in the Sierras.

Warm Summer Breeze: Patchouli and Amber blend. This fragrance feels like a warm summer breeze, so soft, warm and soothing. Perfect for a cold winter day or a hot summer night.

White Gardenia: Rich, full and mysterious. A beautiful full bodied, elegant fragrance that adds to the enchanted mood of any room.

Yuzu and Grapefruit: No ordinary citrus here. A lively blend of mouthwatering grapefruit combined with the zest of Japanese Yuzu fruit.